– eBay Essential Training

Publisher :
Platform : Multiplatform
Format : Wmv
Size : 1 DVD5

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Description :

In eBay for Sellers Essential Training, Christopher Spencer shows how to understand the selling process on eBay, including community rules and best practices, resources and support, and creating compelling listings. The course explores how to review active and completed listings, establish the value of merchandise, and list products. The course also covers using advanced search techniques, managing payments, and setting up an eBay Store.

Topics include:

  • Creating eBay and PayPal accounts
  • Building an About Me page
  • Performing advanced searches
  • Reviewing the competition
  • Understanding listing fees
  • Writing effective titles and descriptions
  • Exploring best practices for product photography
  • Understanding warranties and guarantees
  • Creating listings
  • Connecting eBay with social media
  • Handling offers
  • Packing and shipping merchandise
  • Leaving feedback
  • Tracking sales

eBay for Buyers Essential Trainingshows how to shop in the international online marketplace, from finding and evaluating items and sellers to making purchases safely. The course offers tips and tricks for getting the best prices from trustworthy sellers, searching for goods, bidding, disputing transactions, and finding help through eBay Customer Support, educational resources, and communities.

Topics include:

  • Creating an eBay account
  • Contacting Customer Support
  • Browsing listings
  • Shopping for real estate and cars
  • Saving and filtering search results
  • Reviewing seller feedback
  • Reviewing payment terms and shipping options
  • Bidding and re-bidding on an item
  • Using the Shopping Cart feature
  • Handling problem transactions
  • Avoiding phishing attempts and scams
Screenshot : - eBay Essential Training Screenshot

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