Lots of Robots Volume 1 – 2

Publisher : Andy Murdock
Platform : 3D Application
Format : Avi
Size : 1 DVD5

Links : Homepage


Description :

LOR is a feature film being made piece by piece, yet made by one artist. Since I can only produce a short amount of new animation each year, I am releasing a series of DVDs to chronicle the creation of the project. Each year a new DVD will be released with the ever growing film and brand new animation tutorials.

LOR Volume One: This is the first installment of the movie “LOR”. Now it’s a short animation that will eventually grow into a full length animated film. “LOR” the movie is present in 5.1 AC3 Surround and Stereo. Also, see “Rocketpants” my first animated short as well as over an hour’s worth of 3d animation tutorials and selected shorts explaining many of the tricks and processes used to create the animations.Contents: “LOR” 5min 38sec, “Rocketpants” 4min 27sec, Selected Shorts, Animation Tutorials include: Compositing with After Effects, Lighting with 3dsmax, Clouds, Water Worm, Intro to MaxScript, MaxScripting Animation, Advanced MaxScripting.

So far the first DVD, Volume 1, has sold a 1000 copies right from this website. Please buy one an help me make more “LOR”. Even though Volume Two contains a more complete version of LOR, Volume One contains tutorials that are unique as well as other animations; like “Rocket Pants”. So, get the whole collection.

LOR Volume Two: This is the second release of a series of DVDs that will chronicle the creation of the animated story entitled “LOR”. The “LOR” movie has grown on both ends and there are new animation tutorials. There are all new animation tutorials that represent some of what Volume One customers have been asking for and deal with techniques I thought were most helpful to me in creating LOR Volume Two. Contents: “LOR” 14min ~presented in 5.1 AC3 Surround and Stereo/ 9:16 Anamorphic or Letterboxed Animation Tutorials: ~ using 3dsmax 6, scene files and helpful scripts included. Character Rigging, Foot systems, Animated Parenting, Hand Skeleton, Facial Animation, Skeleton Control. Afterburn and Particle Flow, Smoke Trails, Mushroom Cloud, Galaxy, Assorted Abstract Art.

Screenshot :

Lots of Robots Volume 1-2 - Scene Files Screenshot

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