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Kelby Training – Retouch a Portrait in 15 Minutes with Vincent Versace

Publisher : Kelby Training
Platform : Adobe Photoshop
Format : Avi
Size : 1 CD

Links : Homepage


Description :

Accentuate and perfect each shot by learning how to brighten and enhance features, how to create flawless but believable skin texture, and how to improve overall tone, color and detail to make quality portraits.

Course Outline Lesson 01 Housekeeping (0:51)
Lesson 02 Making an Image Map (4:26)
Lesson 03 Blemish Removal and Overview (23:40)
Lesson 04 Red Cast Removal of Skin Tone (9:31)
Lesson 05 Creating a Dodge and Burn Layer (4:58)
Lesson 06 Addressing the Light Areas (8:22)
Lesson 07 Smoothing Out the Skin (11:39)
Lesson 08 Adding Notation, Using Nik Dynamic Skin Softener (5:52)
Lesson 09 Creating Believable Skin Texture (4:46)
Lesson 10 Fixing the Eye Lash (9:14)
Lesson 11 Adding a Mona Lisa Smile (8:43)
Lesson 12 Leading the Eye Through the Picture (12:07)

About the Author
Vincent Versace is a recipient of the 1998 Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and the 2001 Shellenberg fine art award. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History.
In addition to being one of the featured artists of Nikon Electronic Imaging, and part of Epson’s Stylus Pros team, he is also one of the Photographers used by Epson, Lexar, Apple, Dyna-lite strobe systems, Photoflex, Luminos, Kodak, Lowepro, and Nikon to beta test their digital cameras, digital backs, flash media, lighting systems, high-resolution printers, ink and inkjet media, and scanners.

Screenshot :

Kelby Training - Retouch a Portrait in 15 Minutes with Vincent Versace Screenshot

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