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High End Industry Photoshop Retouching Techniques Series One DVD

Publisher : DigitalPhotoshopRetouching
Platform : Adobe Photoshop
Format : Flv
Size : 1 DVD5

Links : Homepage


Description :

As you already know, the high end retouching industry has been very tight lipped about the techniques they use to produce world class results for magazines, advertising campaigns, displays and billboards throughout the world.
The only techniques that have been readily available to the public have been the so called “smooth or soft skin” methods that simply blur or smudge the skin texture into an unrealistic plastic doll mess.

This DVD-ROM contains the information you have been seeking but could not find. Your host Vitaly Druchinin, high end photographer and retoucher reveals all, first by thoroughly explaining to you how to apply Photoshop tools and functions specifically for retouching. Then hold on to your chair as Vitaly puts you front and center in front of his monitor as he retouches a beauty image captured with the Hasselblad H3D 39 Megapixel camera from start to finish, explaining every step and decision along the way. You will see first hand how to masterfully manipulate your images without destroying even a single pore of your model’s skin.In an unprecedented move, the following original RAW files and complete Photoshop PSD files are included for you to explore and experiment with.

Table Of Contents:
Part One: Retouching Tools
1. Introduction
2. Levels
3. Color balance
4. Hue/Saturation
5. Clone Stamp
6. Healing brush
7. Brush tool
8. History brush
9. Dodge & burn
10. Eye Dropper
11. Liquify
12. Warp
13. Unsharp Mask

Part Two: Complete Retouch
1. Introduction
2. 3D Modeling excersize
3. ACR developing
4. Retouch setup
5. Image healing
6. Hair shape with liquify
7. Head shape with warp
8. Ear & eye shaping
9. Modeling with dodge & burn
10. Wrinkle fading
11. Removing ear piercing
12. Hiding ear vains
13. Reshaping lips
14. Adding lip color
15. Removing eye vains
16. Fading eye redness
17. Teeth whitening
18. Teeth de-yellowing
19. Teeth shaping
20. Adding lashes
21. Filling in hair
22. Hair shape liquifying
23. Darkening lashes
24. Making pupils pop
25. Shaping the body
26. Removing fly hairs
27. Local contrast
28. Sharpening

Screenshot :

High End Industry Photoshop Retouching Techniques Series One DVD Screenshot

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