Gnomon – Maya Fluid Effects (3 DVD)

Publisher : Gnomon
Platform : Maya
Format : Mov
Size : 2 DVD5

Links : Homepage


Description :

1. Fundamentals
Description: Fluid dynamics are rapidly becoming a powerful alternative to particle effects. In the first lecture of this series, effects animator David Schoneveld introduces you to the rules of fluid production, showing how Maya Fluid Effects can be used for everything from smoke, dust and explosions, to underwater plane crashes and more. David details the fluid menu, emitter and container attributes, as well as shading and texturing, while conveying an understanding of the dynamic attributes of fluid dynamics and their uses in production. The lesson also details the basics of ponds, emphasizing an understanding of the fluid shader and texture controls.

Over 2 1 / 2 hours of lecture.
Topics covered:
– Understanding Dynamic Attributes
– Fluid Emitters
– Fluid Container Attributes
– Menu and Options
– Animation Techniques
– Shading methods

01. Basics + Container Contents Display
02. Dynamic Simulation
03. Content Details
04. Grid Cache and Surface
05. Shading and Shading Quality
06. Texture
07. Lighting
08. Emitters
09. Fluids Menu
10. Smoke Cloud
11. Liquid Flowing Down a Slide
12. Cloud Bank

Instructor: David SCHONEVELD

2. Particle Integration
Description: In the second DVD in this series on Maya Fluid Effects, effects animator David Schoneveld imparts a detailed view of the various methods and advanced features of particle and rigid body control through fluid dynamics. This multi-faceted lesson takes you through the beginning and inter-mediate techniques of the Ocean Shader before revealing how you can create object-avoiding particles without scripting. The lesson culminates by teaching you how to create particles driven by fluid dynamics that can interact with an object or character.

Over 3 hours of lecture.
Topics covered:
– Fluid Particle Connections
– Ocean Basics
– Interaction Control methods
– Painting Particle Velocity
– Fluid Controlled —
– Rigid Body Simulations
– River Basics with Ocean Shader

01. Basic Connections
02. Fluid Wind tunnel
03. Motion Fields
04. Particle Motion Fields
05. Paint Velocity
06. Paint Velocity – Rigid Body
07. Ocean Shader
08. Ocean Menu
09. Wake Emitter
10. Hot Tub
11. Fort

Instructor: David SCHONEVELD

3. Pyrotechnics
Description: In the third DVD of this series on Maya Fluid Effects, effects animator David Schoneveld reveals the numerous methods he uses to create and control fluid explosions, covering dynamic, non-dynamic and texture-based effects. He teaches you how to use, and maintain control of fields with fluid containers. The lesson also covers the basics of flame construction, and explains how to use the Maya presets to build effects quickly and efficiently.

Over 2 hours of lecture.
Topics covered:
– Basic Flame Construction
– Density Field Controlled Explosions
– Temperature Controlled Explosions
– Non-dynamic Explosions
– 2D Explosions
– Creation of Dynamic Lava

01. Density Field Driven
02. Temperature Driven
03. Fuel Temperature Driven
04. 2D Explosions
05. Non-Dynamic Explosions
06. Non-Dynamic Water Explosions
07. Non-Dynamic Puff
08. Lava from Goo
09. Flame Basics

Instructor: David SCHONEVELD

Screenshot :

Gnomon - Maya Fluid Effects (3 DVD) screenshot

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