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DVD Tutorial Plugin PhotoShop Auto FX Software – Mystical Lighting

Publisher : Auto FX Software
Platform : Auto FX Plugin – Adobe Photoshop
Format : Mov
Size : 1 CD

Links : Homepage


Description :

Mystical Lighting lets anyone apply photo-realistic lighting and shading effects to digital images. With this software you can enhance the ambiance of your images and improve its beauty. Mystical Lighting includes 16 visual effects, over 400 presets for instant results and an infinite variety of looks.
Mystical Lighting also includes powerful features such as layers, unlimited undo’s, 400 instant one-click effects, masking and dynamic effect controls that make exploring and applying effects very fun and easy to achieve studio quality results.
Photo Realistic or Surrealistic Results
Mystical Lighting allows you to use light and shading in either a photo-realistic manner or as a visual effect for surrealistic results.
In the Sky Fairy example to the left Mystical Lighting effects were used to generate the mist, rainbows, fairy dust, streaming light, highlights and shading in this scene.
Mystical Lighting SMARTLAYERS™ allow you to combine different effects together in the same work session. Light and shading blend and interact with each other to generate incredible results.
Powerful tools like Light and Shading Brushes give you the ability to selectively apply light and shading with infinite degrees of control over opacity, tonal range, size and blending.
Surface Light was used in the example below to cast the lighting on the models face with unparalleled photo-realism.
Integrated Support For Photoshop
Mystical Lighting features complete support for Adobe Photoshop. This includes integrated support for layers and transparency features.
Mystical Lighting even saves to the Photoshop .psd file format with transparency intact. As you are working on your designs inside the Mystical Lighting plug-in or application version you can save out copies of your work as Photoshop .psd native files.
* Supports Photoshop Actions
* Supports Photoshop Layers
* Supports Photoshop’s Last Filter Command
* Saves and Loads Adobe Photoshop native .psd files
* Works as a Photoshop plug-in filter or as a stand alone application
* Supports Photoshop Transparency
* Easy to access in Photoshop under the filter menu

Advanced Preview System
Mystical Lighting’s adjustable preview features a 1600% marquee zoom capability with built in panning support. Previews can be shown in Proxy mode so they render blazingly fast regardless of the image size.
Save and Replay Effects with Visual Presets
Save and replay your effect settings for instant results. Presets are Resolution Independent so you can get the same results while working on any sized file. Presets are saved in a Visual Preset Catalog with thumbnails showing you previews of the preset effects. You can save effect presets or layer presets. Effect presets alter just the effect while layer presets capture and replay an entire set of effects and build all layers needed to generate this look. Both effect and layer presets save in a visual catalog.
Help on Demand
Mystical Lighting features a help system that lets you get up and running with ease. To understand how a control works hold your mouse over the controls for a few seconds and a floating window appears that contains comprehensive detailed instructions about the control. This powerful feature gives you instant access to control information without the need to look in a manual or use a separate help system that takes you away from the task at hand. The Mystical Lighting tool tips are fast and efficient to use.
Mystical Lighting Features
Mystical Lighting is a robust application that includes a host of high-end professional level features to make your job easier and more productive.
Unlimited Undo
With unlimited undo capability you can work and then quickly undo to correct mistakes and go back as far as you like. Brush strokes, transformations, control changes, effect settings, layer creation and reordering – everything can be undone using this feature.
Mystical Lighting includes full support for layers. These SmartLayers™ work together to create new looks and communicate with each other to pass lighting and shading information to other effects. By combining and reordering different layers on the palette you can generate new visual results. Light Caster’s streaming sunlight can blend into Wispy Mist showing highlighted mist, for example.
Dynamic Image and Effect Transformation
Effects and images can be freeform transformed multiple times with no loss to quality as Mystical Lighting always stores and works from the original image when generating effect layers. Everything is written dynamically so the user works in a true non-linear fashion and can go forward or back by adjusting the controls.

Screenshot :

DVD Tutorial Plugin PhotoShop Auto FX Software - Mystical Lighting Screenshot

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