Digital Tutors – Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max

Publisher : Digital Tutors
Platform : 3DS MAX
Format : Mov
Size : 1 DVD5

Links : Homepage


Description :

Learn a production workflow to automotive modeling in 3ds Max and a multitude of Polygon, NURBS, and Spline-based techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Automotive Design. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-driven training.

Popular highlights include: Viewport Background Images; Establishing Automotive Line Flow; Creating Multiple Fitted Panels; Redrawing Topology; Adding Resolution to Tighten Edges; Adding Edge Loops with Connect Tool; Edge Loop and Ring Selections; Converting Sub-object Selections; Adding Geometry with Bridge; Cloning Geometry and Shapes; Attaching and Detaching Geometry; Building Geometry with Splines; Building Geometry with NURBS Curves; Mirroring Geometry; Symmetry Modifier; Converting Parametric Geometry; Previewing Smooth Geometry; Creating Detail with Extrude Tool; Importing Adobe Illustrator Curves; Creating and Adding Realistic Materials; Adding Bump Maps to Materials; Creating UV Layouts; Creating Geometry with Primitives; Changing Geometry Creation Parameters; Welding Vertices; Creating Splines and Patches

Screenshot :

Digital Tutors - Automotive Modeling in 3ds Max Screenshot

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