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CBT Nuggets – MS Office 2007 Tutorial Videos

Publisher : CBT Nuggets
Platform : Microsoft Office 2007
Format : Mov
Size : 1 DVD

Links : Homepage


Description :

Microsoft Excel 2007

Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool. With the release of Excel 2007, it”s become even more powerful — including lots of new features and a dramatically changed interface.
CBT Nugget’s detailed video series carefully explains this new interface and how to make the most out of Excel 2007”s updated features.
Trainer Emily Berry fast-forwards you through the program. She shows you exactly what you need to know to accomplish your familiar tasks within the changed interface, while carefully mapping her training to Microsoft MCAS certification exam 77-602.

Microsoft Word 2007

Put real processing power in your hands with Word 2007. Trainer Chris Ward will show you how to harness that power and become a Word 2007 expert user.
Chris walks you step-by-step through the installation process. Then he breaks down the critical features and tools you”ll be using to make word processing flow smooth and easy
By the time it takes to finish this video series, you”ll be creating wonderfully formatted documents that have “professional” written all over them.
This video series is mapped to the Word 2007 MCAP certification exam.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

Creating great presentations can only make you shine. And PowerPoint 2007 represents a big step forward in presentation design possibilities.
Trainer Chris Ward knows PowerPoint 2007 and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite inside out. In this video series, he shares that expertise with you. In no time, you”ll become the PowerPoint pro that others respect.
After walking you through PowerPoint 2007 installation, Chris takes you step-by-step through PowerPoint”s tools, templates and resources. Plus, his training is mapped to Microsoft MCAS certification exam 77-603.

Microsoft Access 2007

In this MCAS Series: Microsoft Office Access 2007 videos, you”ll learn all about Access features that have changed since Access 2003, as well as the core functionalities of Access 2007. You”ll soon be creating custom databases that run from your desktop.
Once you watch these videos, you”ll know what it takes to get Access up and running, and to use the features you need to input, output, process, and delete data in your Access database. Plus you”ll be able to create simple interfaces for your users so even if they”re not as skilled as you, you can still give them access to the information stored in your databases.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is far more than a simple e-mail client. Its easy-to-use features and functions include calendaring; scheduling; setting up air-tight security; and creating task, multiple address and distribution lists. Together these dramatically improve business productivity.
Chris Ward teaches Outlook 2007 and shows the functionality of messaging, scheduling and organizing. You”ll learn how to set filtering preferences to help you organize and automate many tasks and well as working offline and remotely. Chris also walks you through Outlook’s settings. You’ll soon have Outlook 2007 properly installed and looking and operating exactly as you wish — and well prepared for the 77-604 MCAS certification exam.

Screenshot :

CBT Nuggets - MS Office 2007 Tutorial Videos Screenshot

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