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Blender Training Series – Part 1 to 5 Tutorials

Publisher : Cg
Platform : Blender
Format : Mp4
Size : 1 DVD5

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Description :

With the introduction of Blender 2.5-2.6, we are very excited to be one of the first to offer a complete, introductory, video training bundle to the Blender community. Not only will this bundle make the transition from previous versions of Blender to Blender 2.5 (Eventually 2.6) easier, but it also will give the new user the boost they need to get up to speed quickly.
With the dramatic changes now in Blender 2.5 builds, everything from the beautiful new interface to custom key maps, there is a lot of information to wrap your head around. Having treaded the waters of Blender training for the past two years, we at CG Cookie strive to give you the very best. Instructor Jonathan Williamson will introduce you to this years Blender and walk you through how to use it in our training series.

Part 1 – Interface and Navigation
The first steps to becoming comfortable with Blender is understanding the interface and mastering navigation of the 3D view. This series will take you through a tour of the main aspects of Blender’s interface, how to navigate in 3D space and show you ways to customize your experience in Blender.

Part 2 – Intro to Modeling
Once you have grasped Blender’s interface and navigation it is time to begin learning about objects and how to manipulate and modify them. Through this section you will be given an introduction to working with objects in Blender and how to use basic modeling tools to modify their shape. You will also be given a rundown of what modifiers are and how they can be used to extend your modeling functionality.

Part 3 – Animation
Often times, after you have created a model you want to make it move. This series will guide you through the animation interface, basic keyframing and even rigging of objects with armatures.

Part 4 – Lighting and Rendering
In order to display your model it is necessary to illuminate it with lights and define how you want Blender to output your image. This section will help you understand basic lighting in Blender, working with the camera, adjusting the render properties, and how to modify the background sky/environment in your scene.

Part 5 – Materials and Textures
Upon modeling and lighting your model it is time to add materials and textures to define the look and feel of your object. This last portion to the beginner series will take you through the steps needed to adjust the color, specularity, reflectiveness and other aspects of your model’s appearance. It will also show you how to take it a notch further by adding procedural or image textures for more variety and control.

Screenshot :

Blender Training Series - Part 1 to 5 Tutorials Screenshot

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