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Adobe Photoshop Top Secret – 4 DVD ( Bonus DVD )

Publisher : Discreet Publishing
Platform : Adobe Photoshop
Format : Flv
Size : 4 DVD5

Links : Homepage


Description :

Photoshop Top Secret will teach you to create high-quality special effects to get attention for the movie posters, book and magazine covers, brochures, colorful illustrations, as well as a wide range of all kinds of advertisements and graphics for Web-sites.
Lessons are in English, and even if you’re with him for you, do not be afraid! Authors to such an extent, explain everything in detail and show that after a while and did not notice that all the talk in English.
Photoshop Top Secret – excellent tutorial that teaches you step by step how to create the most advanced graphic effects using Adobe Photoshop. The product will be understandable to anyone, until those who are first confronted with Photoshop. V kit includes a color gallery with a start and the end result of work of each project throughout the course.
Producer: Mark Monciardini
Year: 2007

Content :
CD 1:

  • Break Apart
  • Dark Faces
  • Dream Scene Montage
  • Dream Skin
  • Movie Credits
  • Movie Poster I
  • Movie Poster II
  • Special Effects
  • Stone Portrait
  • Surreal Mist

CD 2:

  • Applying Tattoos
  • Computer Screen Images
  • Creating DVD Covers
  • Download Button
  • Elegant Headers
  • Flower Greeting Card
  • Logo Basics
  • Masking Fur
  • Order Button
  • Painting a Portrait
  • Pop Art
  • Screen Captures (Mac)
  • Screen Captures (PC)
  • Seal of Guarantee
  • Shattered Type
  • Subscribe Button
  • Swapping Faces
  • Vanishing Point

CD 3:

  • Chocolate Milk Frog
  • Covered With Wax
  • Invisible Man
  • Layer Comps
  • Metal Collage
  • Morphing Creatures
  • Reaching Out of Bounds
  • Square Fruit
  • The Grunge Look

CD 4:

  • Dreamy Backgrounds
  • Liquid Metal
  • Masking Mastery
  • Smoke
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Stylized Character
  • Swap Animal Skin
  • Underwater Scene
  • Vector Art Portrait
  • Water Bubbles

Bonus DVD:

  • Painting Fantasy Portraits
  • A 19 video Tutorial
  • -Flying out of Bounds
  • -DVD Covers
  • -DVD Labels
  • -Photoshop Top Secret Gallery Book (PDF)
Screenshot :

Adobe Photoshop Top Secret - 4 DVD Screenshot

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